Stop telling yourself you will write "someday."

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5 Steps to First Draft...Finally!

Stop wondering what to work on and where to start, and start making real progress toward a finished piece of writing. Take one sitting to plan what you will do – and when – and your first draft is as good as done!

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    By working through these five simple steps, you will…

    • make confident decisions about your project
    • set clear deadlines for small steps
    • clarify your intention for the piece
    • identify small tasks required along the way to a completed first draft

    Most importantly, you will walk away from this planning session having made intentional decisions that will open space in your mind for inspiration and creativity!

    This is the process I’ve used to become a writer who completes projects consistently, efficiently, and intentionally. I’m sharing it with you because your story matters, and I want you to write it. 

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