Stop wishing, start writing!

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5 Steps to First Draft Completion CHALLENGE!

This round of the Challenge has been completed! Stay tuned for the next one.

Work through the 5 steps which guarantee* you will get that first draft finished! 

Each day of the FREE 5-day challenge includes 

  • a 20-minutes-or-less homework assignment delivered by email (with accountability built in)
  • a video discussion for inspiration, problem-solving and Q&A. 

* Listen, we both know I can’t guarantee that the writing gets finished; only you can do that. But we’ll get you to where the work is as good as done! FREE

As a result of this 5-day challenge, you will:

    • choose your topic and schedule your writing
    • identify the obstacles that get in your way
    • make confident decisions about your project
    • set clear deadlines for small steps
    • clarify your intention for the piece

And you will have a lifelong access to a community in which you can hold yourself accountable and report when your goals have been met!

This is the process I’ve used to become a writer who completes projects consistently, efficiently, and intentionally. I’m sharing it with you because your story matters, and I want you to write it. 

All narrative genres, experience levels and works-in-progress welcome! Psst! It’s FREE!