Why would anyone read this?

There is someone out there who needs this exact story.

It’s not very interesting.

It’s interesting enough that you feel compelled to write it.

But who am I to think I can write this? I’m nobody.

You are somebody with a story to tell. That’s who you are.   read more >>>

I am an expert perfectionist.

Seriously. I could do it for a living, if someone would pay me. Except then I would probably fret about being a perfect perfectionist and then . . .    read more >>>

When my tweens neared the end of their school year back in June, I was in the practiced habit of settling in at my desk once they were off to school. As someone who struggles to not lounge around in my pajamas all day, I recognized that to get them up and going required that I get myself up and going. 

And then, suddenly, they were always…here. Lounging in their pajamas. The momentum that getting up and going early in the morning gave me was gone.   

I thought, “Let’s just see how the summer plays out. I’ll just write when I find the time.”                                                 read more >>>

The Internet is a wide, wide ocean, full of amazing creatures, brilliant colors, tides that pull and flow in different directions, and violent torrents one should avoid for self-preservation. (There is also a lot of garbage.)

When faced with this maelstrom, we writers often ask ourselves…

  • … is there room for my voice?
  • … will anyone hear me?
  • … should I add to the noise?

My answer:  YES.                     read more >>>

Writing is hard.

Sometimes we love it, and sometimes we hate it. (Or as several famous writers have been quoted as saying, we love having written.)

A lot of us believe that we need to wait for inspiration to strike.

The problem is, this belief goes against what we know is true, that consistent practice makes us better writers.                    read more >>>

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