Your First Draft Will Suck

Write it anyway.

Anne Lamott dedicated an entire chapter to Sh*tty First Drafts in her quintessential book for writers, Bird by Bird .

Go read that, then come back to me.

Great, you’re back.

I am an expert perfectionist.

Seriously. I could do it for a living, if someone would pay me. Except then I would probably fret about being a perfect perfectionist and then . . .

You’re a perfectionist, too?

We should be friends. We can text each other about the ins and outs of perfectionism.

Except we will probably spend too muchtime editing our texts to each other before sending, trying to find the right balance of snark and self-derision, until we decide it’s not worth the effort and then . . . 

Listen, we all know that perfectionism leads to indecision and inaction.

In other words, if we worry about our first draft being good enough, we won’t write.


Because the first draft is not going to be good enough.

That’s why it’s called a first draft.

Just write it.

Then text me to tell me how bad it is.

* * * * * 

How have you overcome the challenge of perfectionism and gotten through your first draft(s)? Or is it still a constant battle? Come on over to the {extra}ordinary stories Facebook community and let us know! We can all support and encourage one another.

Photo by MIXU from Pexels

Stop wondering what to work on and where to start, and start making real progress toward a finished piece of writing.

Take one sitting to plan what you will do – and when – and your first draft is as good as done!

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