Screaming into the Storm

why you SHOULD add to the noise

The Internet is a wide, wide ocean, full of amazing creatures, brilliant colors, tides that pull and flow in different directions, and violent torrents one should avoid for self-preservation.

(There is also a lot of garbage.)

When faced with this maelstrom, we writers often ask ourselves…

… is there room for my voice?

… will anyone hear me?

… should I add to the noise?

My answer:  YES.

Sure, there is so much available to a reader today. More than she will ever be able to consume.

But what if exactly what she needed was what you had to say, in your unique way of saying it?

Sure, media is 24-hour rapid-style, headline-screaming, sensationalistic noise. There is a possibility that your story might get overlooked by many.

But what if one person sees it, and it impacts him in a profound way?

I don’t write my blog or essays or stories with hopes that they will go viral or land me a 6-figure book deal.

I write them with the hope that the people who need them most will find them.

Could you try the same?

* * * * * 

How do you brave the storm and continue to put your words out into the world? Come on over to the {extra}ordinary stories Facebook group and share your challenges and strategies with us! We are all in this together, and all of our stories matter…yours too.

Photo by Valdemaras D. from Pexels

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