Break It Down to Build It Up

I am the Queen of the Land. 

Not all of the land, though I wouldn’t turn it down! No, I am the Queen of the Land of Procrastinators. 

Now, you might argue with me that the title belongs to you … yes, I know that there are many a procrastinator walking among us. 

But no, my friend, I am the Queen. I have procrastination down to an art form. I’m so smooth a procrastinator that you would never even know I’m procrastinating.

I am so good at looking busy that you will think I am actually … busy. But I’m not. I am procrastinating. 
Just today, before I sat down to write this blog post, I agreed to my daughter’s request to play on this computer. And my son, who had already taken a turn on said computer, blurted out, “Yeah, because you’re procrastinating, right?”
Oh, yes, I am the Queen. 
However, I do manage to accomplish writing projects, and that’s because I have a very simple trick. 
I break it down into really small steps, and I put every single step on my calendar. And I do it. I show up for my writing the way I show up for my mammograms (though admittedly I procrastinate on making those appointments.)
The reason I do this is because I have decided that my writing is essential. It is not indulgent, and in the time I’ve alotted for it, it is the first priority. 
So I break my project down into the smallest, most manageable of pieces. I set small, small goals. And I accomplish those goals one small step at a time. I assure that this will happen because I put them on my calendar. If they are on my calendar, they become appointments. 
The perfectionist who thinks she’s the Queen of the Procrastinators is also highly Type-A and would never skip an appointment for fear of letting someone down. 
So if you are like me, and you are arguing with me over who wears the crown, try this hack for a couple of weeks. Break your project into manageagable tasks and put those tasks on the calendar as appointments. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish. 
Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels

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