What If and Should

Part 2: The Destination

Your trip with What If and Should has reached its end. You have arrived at your destination. 

(Did you miss the journey? See this post. >>)

It seems as though all should be right for these little ones. After all, there are no more decisions to be made. 

But oh, no, my friend…they are not done with you. 

We should have gone to a different place. 

What if we forgot something at home? 

We should turn around and go home. 

What if everyone here hates us? 

We should eat ice cream. (Ice cream is always part of the deal with these two.) 

No, What If and Should are not done yet. 

As in Part 1, this illustrates the way our fear chatters at us through the entire writing process, from conception to publication. 

What if no one likes it? 

I should give up. 

What if it’s a flop?

I should eat ice cream. (Seriously.)

And so, we continue to do the work of acknowledging what they say, then countering it with a response that will help them understand that they are not in charge. 

I hear you, What If, but I can only control my work, not other people’s responses. 

I hear that you want to quit and eat ice cream, Should, but then I won’t be honoring my creative path.

Just like we would not let children dictate our schedule for a road trip, we cannot let What If and Should dictate our decisions for and feelings about our stories. 

What If and Should, those sweet little gremlins, will always be along for the ride as we write. But they don’t get to hold the pen.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels


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