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It’s time. Let’s write.

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What is time?

That’s a pretty philosophical question. Bear with me for a minute while I think it through.

  • We use it as an indicator that we have somewhere to be or something to do. Is it time?
  • We use it in our storytelling to show sequence of events. It was around the same time that…
  • We use it to add detail. It took such a long time.
  • We use it like currency. I spent so much time on this.
  • We never have enough of it. I don’t have time for that. 
  • We use it to wax nostalgic. Time sure goes by fast. 

Sometimes I see time as this slippery thing that I have no control over. It moves at a snail’s pace or it is gone in a blink. (Parenting offers both experiences – some days drag by but I swear yesterday they were babies.)


Anyway, when it comes to my writing life, time is the biggest bugger of all. Why? Because there isn’t enough. Even now, when I’m fortunate to be able to design my own schedule to some degree, I still struggle to find the time.

You too?

And when I can’t find the time to do the creative work I feel compelled to do, I suffer. I fear that I will never reach my dreams. I blame and shame myself for not following through. My anxiety, already naturally high, rises exponentially.

You too…?

I’m 46. I don’t want to suffer anymore.


It is only partly about finding the time. It is also about prioritizing the work, about making decisions and following through. It is about honoring the creative side of you, the storyteller in you, the artist in you. It is about logistical planning and internal determination.

Let’s find, prioritize, and honor the time to write. We deserve it, and so do our stories.

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