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A Tribe of Writers

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My writing group meets once a month. We start with wine and food, going around the circle to see what each of us has been up to. Some of us see each other frequently, others of us only see each other at these meetings.
We have been together for five years.
This group has become like family. We tease, we give tough love. We laugh, we cry, we vent.
We also help each other grapple with the challenges of a writing life.
Sometimes we show up empty-handed. “It just couldn’t happen this month,” we say. Other times we show up with pages and ideas and enthusiasm for the craft coming out of our ears. Usually it’s somewhere in between, and we are never all in the same place.
We know each other’s stories, some of them stories we haven’t even shared with our spouses or parents or children.
When we become stagnant, when growth has slowed, we mix it up. We read about writing and write to prompts. We analyze the works of other writers and practice emulating their language play.
Writers can work in isolation, but only to a certain point. We need to meet with people who understand. We need to hear feedback. We need to share ideas.
A tribe holds us up when we are drowning, circles us when we are lost, celebrates us when we achieve.
Find your tribe. It is totally worth it.
Psst… Maybe it’s Everday Writers? Just sayin’.

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